Apple Repair

For half a decade our professionals at We Repair Computer, Wimbledon Services Centre have worked extensively repairing Apple technology systems for businesses and homes across We Repair Computer, Wimbledon. Our expertise in diagnosing and repairing computers and mobile devices is second-to-none, as we are Apple engineers! We understand how to treat, service and repair any Apple Mac, PC, MacBook and more.


We champion Apple, as we realize they provide the best technology for the home and business user. While we enjoy the speed, functionality and the sleek designs, we do understand that, as with all technology, problems can occur. Many people believe that when an Apple device shows signs of needing repair, a huge bill will follow. We pride ourselves in our expertise, experience and qualifications in diagnosing and repairing Apple computers in We Repair Computer. We assure you that we’ll keep your costs down and will fix the problems more quickly than anyone else.

There is no device that we don’t have the skills to bring back to life, we often repair:

  • Apple Mac
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook 13
  • MacBook Air
  • iMac
  • Mac Mini
  • Mac Pro
  • Powerbook G4
  • iBook G4

Alongside these, we also provide our Apple repair service for all other Apple technology from iPhones to iPads.

We’ve encountered every problem an Apple computer may face, including:

  • Hard Drive Failures
  • Logic Board Failures
  • Liquid Damage
  • Impact Damage
  • Broken Screens
  • Memory Recovery
  • Data Wiping
  • Virus Removal


Our services are often used for maintaining Apple computers too as we know the best tools to use and advice to give to keep your Mac running in premium condition.

Apple Repair, we repair computer.

We are frequently asked to maintain Apple computers, too, as we know the best tools to use and advice to give to keep your Mac running in premium condition.

We’re always on-hand in our Mac workshop to help immediately with any complaints you might have. We wouldn’t want to leave you in we repair computer without your Apple Mac for longer than necessary, so for this reason we offer swift, same-day Apple repair service.

You can visit us at our Apple Repair Centre in Wimbledon Branch, call us, chat live online or request a visit to your home or business. Our history within the industry has enabled us to build valuable connections that ensure we source the most affordable parts and software solutions for your Mac. We pass these savings directly to you, ensuring that you will benefit from very affordable Apple Mac repair service in we repair computer, Wimbledon. Whether you need a hard drive upgrade, complimentary software or a full repair, you will receive precisely what you need, within the shortest time frame possible!

Drop in, call us or connect with us, now, on Live Chat and see how quickly you can have your Apple Mac up and running again.

We Repair Computer, Wimbledon. Offers repairs by Apple engineers for the whole We Repair Computer, Wimbledon.

We offer a professional diagnostic and repair service for all Apple laptop and desktop computers. Mac computers are well known for their reliability, but at some point the electrical hardware can fail – but have no

fear, as that’s the area we specialize in! Problems can vary anywhere from hard drives, logic board failure, to computers with liquid damage. We offer repairs for Apple Mac machines, including MacBook Pro, MacBook 13, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, PowerBook G4, and iBook G4.

We have been involved with the diagnostic and repair service for Apple computers since 2007, and have seen virtually all the issues that these machines could likely have.
Our Apple repair service staff comes from a strong technical background in the computer repair industry. We know that when your computer is in need of repair, there is a sense of urgency associated with how you want this issue to be handled, which is why we also offer same-day services. Feel free to visit our Apple repair center in Wimbledon, for same-day diagnostic and repair services, plus hard drive upgrades. We buy supplies and parts throughout the UK, from different vendors at wholesale store prices, which enable us to offer these wholesale prices to the public.

Our experience in the industry and promise to offer you fast and affordable service will give you peace of mind that your Apple Mac computer is in the best hands! We offer workshop repair services, regardless of the severity of the problem or how extensively in-depth diagnostics is. We Repair Computer, Wimbledon guarantees you that your computer will be back up-and-running as soon as possible. If you are faced with an unfortunate crash and your Apple has failed, then please call us at 0777 388 6309 OR 02037375625. Let us help you with our fast, same-day Apple repair service!

Laptop stopped?  Did you realize that laptops, while a lot more convenient than traditional desktop computers are prone to more damage because all the components – motherboard, hard drive, RAM, connections – are right in front of you rather than secured away in a box under the desk.  So when your cup of coffee goes over, they stand a greater likelihood of getting wet and damaged. If this has happened to you and you are in Wimbledon or the surrounding areas, then We Repair Computer has just the solution for you – expedient and high-quality laptop repair.

But, those aren’t the only issues you may have with a laptop. With people demanding thinner and lighter, but always-faster machines with better graphics and sound, processors have to work harder and faster, and batteries have to supply more power.  Laptops today run hotter than ever, placing even more stress on components already in a hostile environment.  And then you go and place it on your bed while you watch a movie or work in comfort, and cover the cooling vents; it’s going to get very toasty in there!

Here at We Repair Computer, we understand the problems you can have with your laptop, and our technicians are trained to deal with them. Over the years we have seen all sorts of problems and have the ability to identify them very quickly, which makes our laptop repair service very fast and dependable.

Among the problems that we regularly see are:

  • Overheating: If your laptop just shuts down unexpectedly, chances are you’ve got an overheating problem.  We can give your system a good clean – inside and out to make sure that it has a good airflow.
  • Keyboard problems: Unlike with desktops, you can’t just go and buy another keyboard but, at We Repair Computer, we know just what to do.  From sticky keys to missing keys, we can help get your keyboard working properly again, even if the whole keyboard needs replacing.
  • Screen issues:  Whether it’s a cracked screen or a misbehaving inverter making your display flicker or dim, we can replace and repair as necessary.
  • Hard drives: Sometimes they just fail, and sometimes they are recoverable.  If you start getting error messages, don’t junk the hard drive, get it straight to us here in We Repair Computer, and we’ll see if we can save your precious data.
  • DC Jack repairs:  Rarely anchored properly by laptop manufacturers, these suffer badly when headphones are accidently pulled out.  We can not only fix them, but also make them a lot more robust in the casing.
  • Motherboards:  While these are generally self-contained, some repairs can be carried out and new components soldered.  Don’t just consider it ruined – check with us first and you might be surprised.

All of our laptop repair services can be carried out in-store and we aim to turn it around fast. We are able to fix most laptop problems within a day, and not long after for more severe issues.  Our aim is to have your laptop back to you in the shortest possible time and in tip-top condition.

We also specialize in MacBook repair in Wimbledon. We have experienced Apple technicians that can professionally disassemble and repair any Apple computer.

Give us a call here in  (O) 020 3737 5625 you won’t be disappointed.